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Premier Weddings Magazine provides a unique marketing opportunity for local wedding vendors to get exposure to the right audience at the right time! Other magazines not only charge thousands of dollars to advertise in their publications, but they saturate the magazine with competing ads so you’re just one of a dozen or more vendors in your category.

Premier Weddings is a champion of small business vendors. Our ad rates are about 10% of the cost of those of large magazines. We also limit ads in the magazine to no more than two vendors per category, so you’re not lost in the competition. The best part of all is there are no long-term commitments to advertise with us. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results you get, then you can cancel and have no obligation to advertise in future issues!

Contact us today to learn why we’re so effective at getting exposure to newly engaged couples, and let us help you book more weddings!


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Key Benefits

  • We have a unique business model that helps us get exposure to newly engaged couples at the earliest stages of planning their weddings – before they’ve chosen their venue.
  • All advertisers now get both a digital AND print ad in our magazines – but at only the cost of the digital ad!
  • All advertisers now get a sidebar ad that appears on various pages of our website, including every “Real Wedding” gallery page for your market area!
  • All advertisers now get a FREE preferred vendor on our website that links directly to your website. These vendor listings appear at the top of our popular “Inspiration Gallery” where brides go to get inspired when planning their weddings!
  • We spend $1,000s on Google and Facebook ads to promote our preferred vendors. We use targeted ads on Facebook to specifically target newly engaged couples that are most likely to need the services of our preferred vendors!

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