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8 Questions to Ask a Caterer

Every bride wants to be a good hostess and provide enough tasty food and drink to keep their guests in good spirits. Therefore, the most critical decision you will make for your wedding is the caterer. They can make your wedding reception a dream or a nightmare. A good caterer can easily handle the preparation, [...]

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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Bridal dress shopping can be the ultimate girl time or a stressful experience. Even if you are a seasoned shopping aficionado, shopping for a wedding dress is a completely different experience. Fortunately, your bridal appointment will be successful if you remember these shopping tips. DO: Your research Build your confidence before shopping by [...]

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Choosing a Hair and Makeup Pro

Take the pressure off of your friend and hire a professional to do you hair and makeup on your wedding day. It is easy to become enamored with table decor and cake flavors. Do not forget that as the bride, how you look and feel about yourself is the most important thing. Make some [...]

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6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Check with the Venue Some wedding venues don’t allow you to bring in an outside cake. It’s important to check with your wedding venue first, and find out if there’s a fee for not getting your cake through them. You’d be surprised how much it can cost per slice to make arrangements to [...]

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The Newlywed’s Guide to Buying a Home

Buying a home is one of the first major financial decisions a newly married couple will make together. In a study conducted by Coldwell Banker, 35% of married Americans purchased their first home together within two years of getting married, and 88% of couples say that buying their first home together had a positive impact on [...]

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Choosing Your Rehearsal Dinner Venue

While much of the anticipation and planning is focused on the wedding reception, you may find that some of your favorite memories will actually occur at your rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner traditionally follows your wedding rehearsal, the night before your wedding. However, if schedules are hectic, you may choose to have a brunch [...]

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Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most important things you'll do when planning your wedding. We have provided a list of top questions to ask a wedding venue, provided by various wedding planners throughout the country! We have also provided this free, printable list of questions to ask a wedding venue that you [...]

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DIY Wedding Invitations

Photo by Jonathan Ivy Photography This DIY Wedding Invitations guide will walk you through each step of making your own wedding invitations, including selecting the right paper and envelopes (with quantities), design tips, crafting tools, printing options, and mailing. Be sure to print our DIY Wedding Invitations Checklist and Timeline (coming soon!). It [...]

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List of Wedding Expenses

You’ve set your budget, purchased your wedding planning magazines, and scoured Pinterest for hours to find all of the amazing details you need for your wedding day. Have you put a price tag on each of the details, or come up with an accurate list of wedding expenses? Download your list of wedding expenses here [...]

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Wedding Photo Checklist

Photo by Memories by Maryanne Photography Wedding photography is an important part of any wedding. For those leaving this important task to the pros, you will probably need to budget about 10% of your overall budget for your wedding photographer - based on national averages. Whether you are hiring a professional photographer, asking [...]

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