Wear Your Most Beautiful Smile on Your Big Day

It would be tragic if you didn’t feel like you could confidently smile on the happiest day of your life. Many brides do not realize how yellow their smile has become until they slip on that bright white dress. If you are not in love with your smile, you have many options to make it [...]

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Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most important things you'll do when planning your wedding. We have provided a list of top questions to ask a wedding venue, provided by various wedding planners throughout the country! We have also provided this free, printable list of questions to ask a wedding venue that you [...]

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List of Wedding Expenses

You’ve set your budget, purchased your wedding planning magazines, and scoured Pinterest for hours to find all of the amazing details you need for your wedding day. Have you put a price tag on each of the details, or come up with an accurate list of wedding expenses? Download your list of wedding expenses here [...]

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Wedding Photo Checklist

Photo by Memories by Maryanne Photography Wedding photography is an important part of any wedding. For those leaving this important task to the pros, you will probably need to budget about 10% of your overall budget for your wedding photographer - based on national averages. Whether you are hiring a professional photographer, asking [...]

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