The Premier Weddings Brand

Premier Weddings is more than just a name in the wedding industry. It’s a unique concept that helps not only showcases local, real weddings from top wedding professionals, but using our interactive virtual venue tours, it is also a powerful tool for couples to plan their weddings like never before.

No magazine or publishing experience is necessary to license the Premier Weddings brand. We have existing relationships in place so that you can get your magazines created and published at absolutely no cost to you!

The total cost to be up and running with your own magazine business is less than $500! There is no expensive office to lease, equipment to buy, or inventory to purchase, so the overhead for the business is incredibly low!

Premier Weddings Magazine
Virtual Venue Tour

Key Benefits

  • Great income potential with extremely low start-up costs!
  • Work from home, and on your own schedule!
  • Enjoy working in one of the most friendly industries!
  • Large, exclusive territories that give you greater freedom to grow your business!
  • Unique opportunities to have your magazines created and published at NO COST TO YOU (spend your time doing what you love and making your business successful!)
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The cost to start a wedding magazine is incredibly low if you do it right, however, we have no control over you and your business. We simply provide you with a license to use our brand (magazines and virtual tours). The cost for the licensing fee is just $450 (one-time), and as low as $175/month.
We charge a $450 upfront license fee, and then as low as $175/month – depending on the size of the license area. This covers everything under the license, including the right to use the Premier Weddings name for magazines, as well as our interactive virtual venue tours.
No. When you license our name, you get a lot of the same benefits as you would under a franchise, but at a much lower cost and with more control over your business. We believe that there is more value to a licensee under a licensing model.

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