6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Check with the Venue

Some wedding venues don’t allow you to bring in an outside cake. It’s important to check with your wedding venue first, and find out if there’s a fee for not getting your cake through them. You’d be surprised how much it can cost per slice to make arrangements to bring in your own cake.

Size it Carefully

You should have a good idea of how many guests you expect at your reception. Let your cake decorator know that, as well as how confident you are in that number. You want to avoid getting more cake than you need, but you also don’t want to be short handed. Take the advice of your cake decorator on this topic. They do this for a living!

Shop it Around

Wedding cakes are an important part of your wedding, and like everything else, you should shop around for the best service. The best service isn’t always just who has the lowest price. You want to know how easy it is to communicate with the cake decorator. You’ll also want to read ample reviews to know how others feel about their experiences.

The Frosting

Buttercream cakes typically taste a lot better than a fondant cake. Fondant cakes are chosen by couples who want that perfect cake look that really adds to the overall look of your wedding. If you’re going for both amazing taste and beauty, then consider first frosting the cake with a buttercream frosting and then add a layer of fondant over the top.

Weather & Location

Your options may be limited based on if you’re having an indoor or outdoor wedding.If you’re having your reception in July at a outdoor wedding venue, then you’ll need to avoid buttercream or whipped cream frosting. Nothing is worse than an icky mess that doesn’t hold up in warmer weather.

Vendor Collaboration

Many couples choose to put fresh flowers on their wedding cakes. If this is the case, you need to make sure your florist and cake decorator are able to communicate. Make sure you know whether it’s the florist or the cake decorator that’s going to add these final touches.

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