Choosing a Hair and Makeup Pro

Choosing a Hair and Makeup Pro

Wedding Makeup

Take the pressure off of your friend and hire a professional to do you hair and makeup on your wedding day. It is easy to become enamored with table decor and cake flavors. Do not forget that as the bride, how you look and feel about yourself is the most important thing. Make some room in your budget and treat yourself to the ultimate bridal experience. Pick just the right pro to help you look your very best on your big day.


One of the quickest ways to find  great hair and makeup professionals for your wedding is to find one that has experience in bridal hair and makeup. Managing a bridal party on a tight schedule is different than managing a salon. Ask your friends and family who they have used or look at reviews. Ask the pros you are considering for references.


If the hair or makeup pro is experienced,she should also have a solid portfolio that will showcase her brides. It will give you a feel for her style.  If you want a natural look but her portfolio is filled with glamor faces, she may not be able to look beyond her style to suit yours.  Also, discuss if she has had experience working on your skin type and tone.  If the portfolio matches your style and vision, you know you have found a great one. If not, you may need to move on, or at least, have a trial before you book.


This person will be joining the bridal party as you and your closest friends prepare for the wedding day. Choose someone who will be an asset in the dressing room. When you spend time with her, does she make you feel confident? Will she exude positivity and maintain a spirit of calmness among the chaos? Debbie downers need not apply!


A true hair and makeup professional is just that–a professional. When you book, there should be a contract that secures your date. They should return calls promptly and be on time for any trial appointments you have. If you start to see signs of unprofessionalism, consider it a red flag.

Tips for your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial

  1. Photographs. Bring photographs of looks that match your vision. You can find them from magazines or Pinterest. Look for pictures of girls that have your same skin tone as you do. Also, bring a photograph of your dress and any hair accessories you plan to use. Tip: Take photographs of your look once you have decided upon it and have it on your wedding day as reference as you are getting ready.
  2. Wear a White Button-down Shirt and Use Natural Light. Try to book your bridal trial during the day when you can sit by a window and see your makeup in natural sunlight. Your makeup will need to be bright enough to compensate for paleness of your dress. A button down white shirt will give you the most accurate reflection and allow you to take the shirt on and off without messing up your hair. Tip: This is a great idea for your wedding day too!
  3. Stay True to Your Vision. Don’t let your hair or makeup artist highjack your look. Only you know what makes you feel beautiful. If you do not feel stunning, then the look isn’t right for you. The bridal trial is the appropriate time have these conversations. Never be afraid to say, “Can we try something else?”
  4. Have an Open Mind. If you booked a professional, take their opinion into consideration. If you usually rock a more natural look, your bridal makeup may feel over the top, but trust your pro to know how dark your lipstick needs to be to show up in photographs. If your hair stylist doesn’t think your hair will be able to hold a certain hair style, they may have something better in mind.
  5. Have a backup plan. During your hair trial, ask how your style will stand up in humidity or rain. If it will fall flat, discuss an updo as back up. It is best to make this decision ahead of time and not when you are on a time crunch on the big day.
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