List of Wedding Expenses

List of Wedding Expenses

list of wedding expenses

You’ve set your budget, purchased your wedding planning magazines, and scoured Pinterest for hours to find all of the amazing details you need for your wedding day. Have you put a price tag on each of the details, or come up with an accurate list of wedding expenses?

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Just a few fun facts to get us started. I searched the cost of weddings in Houston and it gave me 785k results. Holy Matrimony that is a lot of results! Way too many for this planner to filter through, so I did something even better. I went to the experts, the vendors, and spoke with them directly about their cost and what they offer to their clients. After speaking with them it was no surprise to me of what they had to say since I have spent years helping couples create a budget that works with their dream wedding.

When a vendor gives you a quote, there are a few things that go into the magic of the number you were given. It’s not all going into the vendors pocket. They have to take into consideration their travel time, the time spent at your wedding, how many employees they will need to service your wedding, and the supplies they will need. I have seen too many couples become offended when getting a quote back from very reputable vendors. Yes, this is a very special day for you, but you need to remember that this is an every day business for all vendors, and you can’t take their quotes personal.

According to the wedding report, the average wedding cost in Houston for 2014 was $26,803 with the average guest count coming in around 175-182. After reading these numbers, you might be asking yourself how and why the majority of brides say they are only spending 10K to 15K, or how some websites brag about having the wedding of your dreams for $5K?

I’m going to break the average from 2014 down for you and put it into every day terms. With a budget of $26,803 and 175 guest you will be spending $153 per guest. Your guest takes up the biggest portion of your budget because after all you are accommodating them to celebrate this day with you because you want them to enjoy it as much as you.

When consulting with couples about the budget, I urge them to sit down and write the 3 details that are non-negotiable for them: one high dollar, one mid-range, and one low range. Then we look at the details in between and see what we can scratch off the list, or how we can compromise.

The most important rule for budgets is that a couple must agree, or compromise, on different items, or choose a less expensive alternative. Perhaps a DIY project for the guest book, or making your programs and menu cards and have them printed at a local office supply store rather than ordering them online from a wedding shop.

I recommend whatever your budget, make your first call to schedule a consultation with a seasoned wedding planner to help you find the vendors that best suit you. Most people believe a wedding planner will only add to the cost of your wedding budget, but a good wedding planner can save you 10 – 15 % and pay for his or herself by negotiating savings for you, keep you from the pitfalls of not hiring the right vendors, or going with non-professional vendors who just want to make some extra cash on the weekends. Use this list of wedding expenses to give you a realistic idea of what it costs to plan the wedding of your dreams.


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