Wedding Photo Checklist

Wedding Photo Checklist

wedding ceremony photo

Photo by Memories by Maryanne Photography

Wedding photography is an important part of any wedding. For those leaving this important task to the pros, you will probably need to budget about 10% of your overall budget for your wedding photographer – based on national averages.

Whether you are hiring a professional photographer, asking a friend to help out, or coming up with another creative way to capture your wedding, it’s important to have a wedding photo checklist to ensure you capture all of those magical moments!

Before the Ceremony

With the Bride

  1. Bride alone – close up and full-length
  2. Bride touching up makeup and hair
  3. Bride with mother
  4. Bride with father
  5. Bride with both parents
  6. Bride with grandparents
  7. Bride with siblings
  8. Bride with maid/matron of honor
  9. Bride with groom’s sister(s)
  10. Bride with all bridesmaids
  11. Bride with flower girls
  12. Bride with entire immediate family
  13. Bride with bridesmaids showing garter
  14. Bride with father waiting to walk down the aisle
Bride before ceremony

Photo by Photography by Niki

With the Groom

  1. Groom alone – close up and full length
  2. Groom with mother
  3. Groom with father
  4. Groom with both parents
  5. Groom with Brothers
  6. Groom with bride’s brothers
  7. Groom with best man
  8. Groom with all groomsman
  9. Groom with ring bearer
  10. Groom with entire immediate family

At the Ceremony Venue

  1. Officiant
  2. Groomsmen seating guests
  3. Registry attendants & greeters

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During the Ceremony

  1. Seating of grandmothers
  2. Seating of mothers
  3. Lighting of unity candle by parents
  4. Groom waiting at alter with best man
  5. Processional of wedding party
  6. Maid/Matron of honor walking down the aisle
  7. Ring bearer walking down aisle
  8. Bride and father before walking down the aisle
  9. Bride walking down aisle with father
  10. Bride being given away
  11. Entire ceremony scene once everyone is present
  12. Bride and groom at the alter
  13. Readings
  14. Exchanging of rings
  15. Exchanging of vows
  16. Lighting of the unity candle
  17. Exchanging of the kiss
  18. Announcement of Mr. and Mrs.
  19. Recessional
Wedding ceremony

Photo by Photography by Niki

After the Ceremony

  1. Bride with register attendants
  2. Bride and groom with greeters
  3. Bride and groom with readers
  4. Bride and groom
  5. Bride and groom with wedding party
  6. Bride and groom with bride’s parents
  7. Bride and groom with groom’s parents
  8. Bride and groom with bride’s family
  9. Bride and groom with groom’s family
wedding photo

Photo by Memories by Maryanne Photography

At the Reception

  1. Bride and Groom’s entrance to reception
  2. Bride and groom’s first dance – full length
  3. Bride and groom’s first dance – close up
  4. Bride dancing with father
  5. Groom dancing with mother
  6. Bride and groom talking with guests
  7. Toasting
  8. Bride and groom cutting cake
  9. Bride tossing bouquet
  10. Groom taking off garter
  11. Bride with all girlfriends
  12. Groom with all best friends
  13. Candid reception photos
  14. Guests preparing for bride and groom’s “going away”
  15. Bride and groom leaving reception
wedding ceremony

Photo by Photography by Niki


  1. Wedding cake
  2. Food table
  3. Decorations
  4. Musicians
  5. Gift table
  6. Decorated car
  7. Bride’s bouquet
wedding photo

Photo by Memories by Maryanne Photography

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