Wear Your Most Beautiful Smile on Your Big Day

Wear Your Most Beautiful Smile on Your Big Day

Beautiful Wedding Day Smile

It would be tragic if you didn’t feel like you could confidently smile on the happiest day of your life. Many brides do not realize how yellow their smile has become until they slip on that bright white dress. If you are not in love with your smile, you have many options to make it the best it can be on your big day.

  1. Start Fresh. First, make time to visit your dentist for a cleaning to give you fresh, clean start for your new smile resolution. While you are there, have a conversation with your dentist about your concerns for fixing your smile in time for your wedding day. Your dentist can help you decide which solution is right for you given your needs, budget, and time.
  2. Stop Stains. There are certain foods that are notorious for discoloring teeth. Cutting all of them from your diet is probably not feasible, but try to limit them as much as possible, find alternatives, or brush right after eating them. Food that are dark, sticky or highly acidic will leave their color behind or make your teeth vulnerable to picking up stains. Tea, coffee, white wine, red wine, sodas, and sports drinks are all very hard on teeth. Use a straw and brush right after having them. Tomato products like marinara or spaghetti sauce and dark berries such as blueberry or blackberry pie can also leave a hue on your pearly whites. Enjoy and then hit the restroom for a quick brush at least 30 minutes after enjoying them.
  3. Start Whitening. Next to your white wedding dress, even the healthiest smile will probably appear a bit yellow. A whitening treatment is one of fastest ways to give your smile a boost. You have many choices and they range in price. You can purchase whitening strips from your local grocery store or pharmacy, usually found with the toothpaste. These work well for a quick boost but will not work for deep stains. A dentist can give you a much higher grade of whitening through an at home gel treatment with custom trays. Cosmetic dentists also offer whitening treatments such as laser or bleaching treatments. This involves a special whitening gel boosted by exposing it to a laser. This has proven to have the fastest and longest-lasting results.
  4. Colors that Correct. If you are concerned about the color of your teeth, visit with your make up artist about colors that will make your teeth look brighter and whiter, such as natural pinks. Dark colors such as bright reds and magentas will bring out the yellow color in your teeth. Also, consider choosing a dress that is not bright white but a softer shade of white such as ivory or champagne.

As with most things you will find when planning your wedding is not to put this off. It you try over the counter whitening and it doesn’t achieve the desired result, you will want to make plenty of time to visit the dentist to try the next level of bleaching. Likewise, sometimes your gums may be sensitive to the whitening agent. Allow plenty of time before the wedding to have the treatment done and heal up before the big deal if you do have a reaction.

Types of Whitening Treatments

  1. Over-the-Counter Whitening: $; Available at the Grocery Store or Pharmacy.  This type of whitening is a low-concentration of whitening gel dispensed through strips, paint on or one-size-fits-all trays applied over a period of several weeks.
  2. Custom Whitening Trays: $$; Available from your Dentist. A dentist will create custom, fitted trays that resemble a mouthguard along with a high-concentration of peroxide based whitening gel.
  3. Laser Whitening: $$$; Available from your Dentist or Cosmetic Dentist. This type of whitening is performed in office under the supervision of your dentist. Teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth and the teeth are exposed to a laser which boosts the gels ability whiten quickly. Laser-based whitening has the fastest, and most long- lasting results.

Do’s and Don’ts of Teeth Whitening

Getting and keeping your teeth white for your wedding day shouldn’t make you fret. First, good oral hygiene is something you need (and are probably doing) anyway. Here are some quick and easy ways you can make the best decisions for a healthy smile.

DO: Make sure any product you use has the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval. This indicates the product has undergone scientific laboratory testing to ensure it is safe and achieves the results promised.

DO: Keep Your Toothbrush Handy. Find a small travel set and keep it in your purse so you can give your teeth a quick brush anytime you have an acidic or dark-pigmented food. Toss a straw in their too, just in case the restaurant doesn’t have them.

DO: Use a Clear Mouthwash. Trade in your old mouthwash for an alcohol-free, clear mouthwash. It’s easier on your dental work and is free of any dyes that may discolor your bright smile.

DO: Involve Your Dentist in Your Plan. Even if you are planning to go with the over-the-counter route, make sure to consult with your dentist first. Dental work will whiten differently than natural teeth. Make sure you know what you are whitening before you just slap a strip on your teeth.

DON’T: Skip Your Dental Appointments. We know you’re super busy with wedding planning, but that is no excuse to skip your scheduled cleaning. You want healthy teeth, white or otherwise.

DON’T: Overdo It. Remember, you are shooting for a nice, natural white. If they would glow in the dark, you have gone too far, and probably damaged your teeth. If you choose an over-the-counter treatment, follow the directions and only apply one treatment at a time. Don’t add an over-the-counter treatment to a dental treatment unless your dentist has approved.

DON’T: Use Tobacco Products. They will do a number on your teeth and your overall health. Consider this a new beginning the perfect time to kick the habit, especially if a white smile is important to you!

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