Stay ahead of your competition and book more weddings

A Luxury Wedding Magazine

that will be shared by hundreds of local, top-rated vendors!

We’ll produce a quarterly magazine exclusively for your venue that will help couples see why it’s the perfect place to start their new lives together. The best part of all is that we’ll then use our marketing platform to get 100s of local vendors to promote your publication to their network of hundreds of thousands of followers!

Social Media Content

for your venue AND for your vendor network!

We produce engaging social media videos for every single vendor featured in your magazine, and for any vendor that has done a wedding or styled shoot at your venue. These videos showcase their specific work AT YOUR VENUE, and are so valuable to vendors that they are shared multiple times as stories, reels, and posts. This boosts exposure for your venue to their combined HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS!

Help Stop Child Trafficking

Premier Weddings Media Group is committed to stopping the horrific crimes of child trafficking. We allocate 5% of our fees to our 501c3 charity nonprofit that helps raise awareness to local communities to help protect our children.

One important thing to note is that we make these donations on behalf of the venues. Why? Because this allows us to create a sponsorship page on The Wedding Connection website, which has a $10,000/month Google Ads budget targeting local couples planning their weddings!

We offer a special thank you to other partners that contribute financially to these efforts, such as The Charity Trailer and The CARE Network.